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Well that just shows how great hardstyle is. Kinda hoped he would play a familiar hardstyle song at the end in the car.

But still the animation and sound was really good. And the meme's, well some people like them and some don't, can't make anyone happy. I liked them on the othr hand since they suited the situations quite well.

Nice work, and greetings from the Netherlands.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you,, yes I wanted to put hardstyle song in but a lot people dont want hardstyle so this time I comply... but if you want hardtsyle music in my animations -- look at some of my old videos.. thanks.. and sorry for bad grammar..
Greetings from Czech Republic.

Nicely made

Seems like an regular day of work =D.
Gj man
9 for the rlly fast ending all of a sudden, wanted more :P


1 Question, when you freeze the flash when all the characters were together for the picture, the poor turtle kept moving, whys that xD?

Jazza responds:

coz he's in pain :P plus too much movement would overlag with that many people

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awesome game

Made it on normal in 79 days.

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Nice game

I think this is an really nice game with an lot of potential.
First of all the praphics were just right for this game.
The build up of difficulty was pretty good too, with more different kinds of enemies later on. The upgrades were all usefull, except of the mage one.

But still room for improvement:
-The mage was useless, Easy to fix:
Shortkey on keyboard, this game is pretty much played with only 1 hand,
adding keyboard brings some new elements in game, also can add multiple spells by pressing 1,2,3,4,5 ect.
- The adchievement system, think it's a lil buggy. And i personally don't liek to get adchievements for everything. But that's just my opinion.
-Upgrade menu, maybe even more upgrades. Like adding a wall around, water around the castle. All kinds of upgrades, as long they are usefull and balanced.

Overall really great game, and enjoyed playing it.
Would really want to see Castle Guardian 2.
Keep it up

The truth about rs

is this flash.

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bkdude responds:

Thank You.

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Very nice song,
Kept playing this song for like half an hour and still liked it,

The song is pretty dark,
Would be a great song for making with a flash aswell :),

Well gl further on =]

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Looks real cute

Only thing i don't like is the fact she has an mustache on her eyes, or just alot of hair xD.
The rest of the hair is perfect, like it very much.

RuaBriongloid responds:

Thank you, I agree but I like big eyelashes sometimes ;O; but ah well, I'm still learning~ <3 <3

i see

Thunder semen!


Think you meant with this design an new hero for league of legends? Or at least it could be. Sounds pretty cool, and looks like u've got some skills for him also xD

Nice drawin man. Keep it up.

jouste responds:

haha i suppose it could be, but they already got a ton of guys making up heros for them.

thanks for the highscore!


Hey,, I'm just making these fractal art images now and then. Hope you like them Grtz

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